Boost Your Chamber of Commerce's Success with Our Powerful SaaS and Toolkit

FlowApp provides your Chamber a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help your members achieve their goals, which in return helps drive success for your Chamber

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How can FlowApp help my Chamber of Commerce

achieve success for its members?

FlowApp offers a wide range of tools designed to help your Chamber of Commerce achieve its goals and drive success, including:

  • Improve member engagement through our innovative SaaS and Toolkit.

  • Provide business education and training resources to improve members' skills and knowledge.

  • provides a suite of up-to-date innovative technology and tools so they stay ahead of the curve.

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Why Choose FlowApp

Done-for-you customer service. Your chamber gets paid, we support your members.

Resell FlowApp to your members. You get paid, but leave the product support to us. 

Constant Updates and Support that ensure Chambers and members have access to the latest features and tools.

Best solution in the market that leverages technology and innovation.

BEA Financial Evaluator

All your members get access to BEA. BEA is an app that helps them evaluate the financial health of their business

MBA Support

FlowApp gives your members access to highly trained MBA Consultants to answer Company Strategy Questions and more

Upsell Opportunities

FlowApp offers other business solutions besides company strategy to boost your chamber's earning potential

Marketing & Sales Simulator

Our Simulator helps your members test their marketing and sales funnels before they launch them, ensuring profitability

Grows With Your Organization

FlowApp offers several resell options for your chamber. Choose the plan that fits your Chamber best

Chat & Video Support

FlowApp plans include Unlimited Chat support and Video Support upgrades for your chamber members

Explore What FlowApp Can Do for Your Members

Automation & Flows

FlowApp Automation and Flows

Strategic Planning

FlowApp Strategy Toolkits

What are FlowApp's key features

that can drive Chamber success?

FlowApp offers a wide range of features designed to help your Chamber of Commerce achieve its goals and drive success, including:

  • Multi-device SaaS

  • Easy to use and affordable

  • Customer Service and Product Support done for you

  • Scalable - Grows with your chamber

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FlowApp Helps Your Members

Create Successful Businesses

Every successful business needs 3 things, and FlowApp helps with all: 

  • Provide a product or service that solves a real problem or meets a genuine need in the marketplace.

  • Have a clear and effective business model that allows them to generate revenue and sustain profitability over time.

  • Know how to navigate challenges, innovate, and stay ahead of the competition.

FlowApp Strategy Implementation

FlowApp Helps Your Members

Beat The Odds

Only 22% of new small businesses survive their first year in business. 30% of businesses fail in the second year. 50% of businesses fail in their first 5 years. 70% of businesses fail in their 10th year. Only 25% of all small businesses will last 15 years of more.

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We Created FlowApp

With You in Mind

We've worked with different Chambers of Commerce in 2 countries and have assisted hundreds of businesses since 2011. We learned some valuable lessons:

  • Chambers want to offer services that create real value for their members. 

  • Members want more than theory; they want tools that can help them apply the knowledge they learn at their chamber of commerce. 

  • Chambers and Members want cost effective solutions.

Utah Chamber of Commerce, 2021

Utah Hispanich Chamber of Commerce, 2021

Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 2021

Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 2022

Lima Chamber of Commerce, 2012

With the Minister of Production of Peru, 2012

Arequipa Chamber of Commerce, 2011

Tacna Chamber of Commerce, 2012

FlowApp is The Perfect Companion to Your Chamber

Core Benefits

FlowApp is your one stop solution to help your members create a successful company strategy and automate their business.

Enhance your Chamber's services and see an increase in renewals, signups, and decreased customer churn.

  • Unlimited Support

  • 24/7 Member Access

  • Up-sell opportunities

  • Reduce Customer Churn

  • Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Improve Membership Program

  • Mobile and Desktop Apps 

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Signup For FlowApp Today And Start Reselling

Increase your Chamber's ability to serve its members by providing them with a one-in-all SaaS solution and add another income stream for your Chamber

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You Profit

FlowApp was designed to help your chamber make money not work harder. With your FlowApp membership you become a reseller to your members. We do the heavy lifting and provide them with customer and product support for as long as they remain active while you profit


What Does a Reseller Do?

It's very easy to start profiting from reselling FlowApp to your chamber members. After you signup, you'll have immediate access. Within 72 hrs we will set up your landing page, resell products and services, automation flows, and chat support.

All you have to do is announce your new SaaS for Company Strategy and Automation to your chamber members. We can even do Live Demos so they can see power of our SaaS. The more you let them know about it, the more upsell opportunities for your business.

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How Does My Chamber Profit?

Each reseller membership gives you the ability to earn a different profit amount. Choose the one that fits your Chamber's size or desired profit amount best.

Earn commissions of $100/mo with the Small Chamber plan, $135/mo with the Medium Chamber plan, and $175/mo with the Large Chamber plan when your chamber members purchase access to FlowApp Company Strategy.

You'll also enjoy higher renewal rates, reduced churns, and increased overall customer experience, all of which mean higher profits for your company overall.

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Customer & Product Support

When you sign up as a reseller of FlowApp you don't need to worry about learning a new system. We've taken care of that for you. You simply let your chamber members know about FlowApp and we take care of them for you.

  • We provide product support answering any technical questions

  • We have trained MBA consultants who are experience in Company Strategy

  • We provide customer support for your members when they have questions about their accounts

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Pricing Table

We've prepared these introductory pricing plans for all budgets so you can get started right away. They're great for small, medium, and large chambers. These prices won't last long

Act Now Before Prices Increase in:









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  • Up to 100 members

  • Earn $100/mo on each Company Strategy account sold

  • DFY Chat Support

  • DFY Product Support

  • Upsell Opportunities





  • Up to 550 members

  • Earn $135/mo on each Company Strategy account sold

  • DFY Chat Support

  • DFY Product Support

  • Upsell Opportunities





  • Up to 2500 members

  • Earn $175/mo on each Company Strategy account sold

  • DFY Chat Support

  • DFY Product Support

  • Upsell Opportunities

We've prepared our company strategy using this toolkit. It's great for small companies like ours.

Julia Chavez - Owner

Our strategy before was not working, we were trying many things to improve but nothing worked. Wish I had this toolkit sooner.

Roy Kirilenko - Developer

This app has the potential of becoming a mandatory tool in every business owner's day to day operations.

Vanessa Childs - Agency Owner

Searching for a great complete automation app was difficult but thankfully I found FlowApp.

Ahmad Joseuf - Owner



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